Eos forever

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Easter holiday was fantastic but the best day for me was Good Thursday.
On this day, I went to my village, Nea Sanda and I met my friends. We all planned to stay up so as go to church.

At night we were in the church until five o’clock and later we went to the bakery. We waited to eat hot pretzels (Greek word”κουλουράκια΄’) because they had just come out of the oven. They were fantastic and delicious.

After the bakery we went to the village square and we met some girls there. There we laughed and played games like ‘Truth or Dare (Greek word”θάρρος ή αλήθεια ΄’). All night we had a good time. The whole day was brilliant.

I believe that I will never forget this day and I think I am going to do it again next year.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I liked the movie but the best scene in my opinion was in the end when Tom and Meg met each other and they went to his house as a family.

I didn’t like the scene, when Victoria met Tom because Victoria laughed like baby and it was very annoying.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Day After Tomorrow

The day after tomorrow

In the film, there is a small group of scientists and they try to save people because in the world all the things are frozen and the snow is everywhere. New York City is white, and big crowd of people die. So this team finds the survivors of this disaster and the President of USA is very happy when he see, that some people have survived and the typhoons have stopped.

I liked it, when the team of young people tried to find some medicines for Flora and they were attacked by wolves. Also, another scene, I liked was, when the helicopters fell down and the people who got out were frozen.

Although I don’t like science fiction movies, this one was brilliant because it had more action.

Friday, January 19, 2007

In my country, there are many traditional festivals but the most important and the most beautiful festival for me is ‘’Carnival’’, which is a celebration in February.
During these days everyone, adults, children, teenagers and babies dress up as monks, men dress up as girls, boys dress up as women and some people dress up as animals and fish. At this time people live in harmony, they are happy, excited and they have a good time. All day long, people drink, eat, dance and also they sing. It is a fantastic traditional festival when everyone is cheerful and happy.

When Harry Met Sally

There are two people who are friends and they fall in love. They have many problems but in the end they live in harmony and they get married.
I liked the movie very much when the girl was in café and shouted, “Yes, Yes.” Also I liked the scene in the end when they kissed each other and they realized, that the thing that joined them was their love.

I didn’t like the scene in the film when Meg Ryan cried because she isn’t beautiful.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My interview

Monday, December 11, 2006

1)The crow 1 and the crow 2 have the same type of music in the end.
2)The crow 1 and the crow 2 have the same crow.
3)The crow 1 and the crow 2 have the same plot.
4)In the crow 1 and in the crow 2 the leading actors had the same mask.
1)The crow 1 and the crow 2 haven't the same leading actor.
2)There wasn't the same gang.
3)In the crow 1, the crow survived but in the crow 2 the bad guy killed the crow.
4)In the crow 1 and in the crow 2 the leading actors hadn't the same death.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Yesterday, in the night I had a nightmare. So I woke up at 6p.m and I brushed my teeth. Later, I did my homework again and I prepared for school.
At 8a.m, I went to school and we had a very difficult programe. Also, we were very sad and we bored. So the teachers announced to us that we would go to the museum Moni Lazaristes. When we heard that we shouted and we were happy, because we didn’t do lessons.
After school, I went back home, I ate my lunch and I slept for four hours.
Later, when I woke up, I went with my best friends to Atomic, which is an internet café and we played counter strike. My tam won and the other team, tried to make excuses.
At the end of the day, I went back and I saw ‘’Para Pente ‘’(Five To) which is a comedy. It was brilliant but while I was seeing it, I slept.