Eos forever

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Yesterday, in the night I had a nightmare. So I woke up at 6p.m and I brushed my teeth. Later, I did my homework again and I prepared for school.
At 8a.m, I went to school and we had a very difficult programe. Also, we were very sad and we bored. So the teachers announced to us that we would go to the museum Moni Lazaristes. When we heard that we shouted and we were happy, because we didn’t do lessons.
After school, I went back home, I ate my lunch and I slept for four hours.
Later, when I woke up, I went with my best friends to Atomic, which is an internet café and we played counter strike. My tam won and the other team, tried to make excuses.
At the end of the day, I went back and I saw ‘’Para Pente ‘’(Five To) which is a comedy. It was brilliant but while I was seeing it, I slept.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Bank robbery

The best robbery, will be in the Alpha bank, which is in the centre of Thessaloniki because we will steal a lot of money. So, three men armed with CV-47, Maverick semi automatics and Magnum hand-guns will protect the others robbers from police. As soon as the robbers, who are in the bank get the key from the bank’s manager and they will hold him hostage. Also, after they will put all the money in bags and in the end they will escape by helicopter.

I believe this is a very good idea because it is very easy way, to get a lot of money.