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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

holidays in Cambridge



You can stay in Cambridge Youth hotel because it is cheap and it is very nice and clean.

Where to eat

I can eat in a vegetarian restaurant like Hobb’s Pavillion, in Rainbow hostel and when you want to eat meat also, you should go to Clowns or in Tatties restaurant. When you want to eat breakfast you should go to CBI or to Café piazza which is an internet café. My friend Nikos recommends a very good restaurant which is called Stone Yard hotel.

What can you see

In Cambridge you can see the Fitziwilliam museum which is an art museum and which has been called the ‘’finest small museum in Europe’’. Also in Cambridge you can see wonderful colleges and universities which are international. Moreover you can see Castle Rising Castle which was built in twentieth century.

Where can you go for fun

You can go by bicycle to the bicycle park and also you can go camping. You can go to the CBI café or to Café piazza and you can play computers games there or you can surf on the Internet. Also you can see the international Ballet there and moreover you can see Eagle pub and Boathouse pub.


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