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Friday, September 15, 2006

Wallace and Grommit

The stars of this film are Wallace and and Gromit who is Wallace’s dog. Also , there is lady Totington and the bad guy, Victor who would be the husband of the lady Totington. Also there are the villagers, the rabbits and Victor’s dog but they have supporting roles.

In the village, every year there is a competition with vegetables. The person who has the biggest vegetable will be the winner and he will get the golden carrot. So, everyone gives money to Wallace because they want to keep their vegetables safe from rabbits. But in this village there are many bunnies, and it is very difficult for Wallace to catch them because later there is a giant rabbit.

The film is a comedy and it is very funny. Children can watch this film because it is a cartoon but also it has a lot of fun for adults. I recommend this movie to the people who like the cartoons because it is fantastic. Also, I would recommend this film to my sister because she is young.


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